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Localization Bootcamp 2021 Testimonials

Localization bootcamp testimonials
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The Localization Project Management Bootcamp, powered by Commit Global, was completed successfully last week. The bootcamp consisted of two parts, the first one being an introduction to Localization & Project Management Basics and the second part was all about Putting Basics to Practice. Six participants started at part 1, but only three participants moved to part 2. So now that the bootcamp is completed, we asked those 3 participants that attended both parts to write us a few words describing their experience.

Meropi Lambropoulou

“My participation in this bootcamp has been a great experience for me to learn the basics in project management in theory and understand the possible risks and difficulties in practice.

The most important part of this training was the simulation because it was a safe environment to explore the project management field, make your own mistakes and learn from them. It was a great opportunity to learn from your own experience and decide if the PMing in localization is something that you really want to do.

The bootcamp is a great opportunity for people to explore other possibilities without wasting much time but enough, so they can understand if they are interested in it. I am very happy to have completed this bootcamp and having a great mentor guiding me through the procedures.

Thank you for experience, Andrej!

Thank you for the opportunity, Commit!”

Giannis Sevas

“After two intensive weeks of getting familiar with the theory and 3 weeks of applying it in real life, I might say that I learned quite a lot about the industry. If you think you are someone who loves setting new challenges, can handle pressure, and eager to boost your communication and organization skills, then this Bootcamp would be the best suit for you. Once again, a big thank you to Commit and Andrej for this opportunity!”

Marlena Kaloudi

“To someone like me, who loves to upgrade their skills and knowledge, I could only describe this, especially the first two weeks, as a roller coaster ride through the woods of learning: breathtaking, fascinating, challenging and so rewarding.

During the simulation weeks that follow, you feel the satisfaction of applying and using all that you have learned in a way that makes you feel proud, rich and grateful for all that you have gained.

This has been an ingeniously organized bootcamp. I have learned so much in a practical way, that I can apply immediately to a relevant working environment”.

Many thanks to our instructor Andrej Zito and to all the participants. We hope you enjoyed the ride and found the whole experience meaningful and useful for your next professional steps!

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