Document Translation


Document Translation​

Commit Global provides translation services in more than 100 different language combinations. We are language experts and we work only with language experts.

Yes, there are many online translators’ groups and directories, and yes, one can obviously select a linguist out of these sites. Then, why use us for a translation request? Well, we take the risk out of the process. Selecting a partner for a translation project with specialized content, a looming deadline, or expected ROI should not be taken light-heartedly.

How does Commit Global ensure accurate translations, on-time delivery and meeting the intended purpose of the message? At Commit Global we don’t auction localization projects. Instead, throughout our 25+ years in the industry, we have pre-qualified linguists and experts in different fields, such as engineers, developers, IT specialists, lawyers, financial consultants, copy writers, architects, and we have created a large pool of trusted partners. Our partners are classified by specialization and experience, and are evaluated at 3 levels: at onboarding, ad hoc on a project basis, and on a quarterly basis, so your translation project is not left at luck.

We are committed to quality, customer service and continuous improvement, that’s why we were among the first to be certified for quality management (ISO 9001) and as a translation agency (ISO 17100). Since 2010, we pass our annual audits with flying colors, because we actually do implement processes that allow us to comply to requirements, align operational needs and manage risk effectively.

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