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Translation & Localization

Pharmaceutical companies, CROs and translation agencies: a localization strategy that includes them all

The global pharmaceutical industry has marked impressive growth over the past couple of decades, with the total revenues worldwide breaking the threshold of 1 trillion …

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Professional translation
Translation & Localization

Let’s talk about professional translation; content types, quality profiles and translation approaches

A mapping of different quality levels to content types according to their visibility and risk classification Translation quality has long triggered fervent discussions on the …

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Company news

My internship experience at Commit

Hello, I am Ioanna Syrou and I had the privilege to attend a three-month internship program as an in-house translator at Commit Global. Everyone in …

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Company news

Commit scores an NPS of 89% on annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

We are well into 2019, mid-way the first quarter, and it was time for our annual customer satisfaction survey. The results are back and we …

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Quality assuranceTranslation & Localization

An Introduction to Translation Quality Assurance

Do you know anyone working in the production and services sector who has not ever heard of Quality Assurance (QA)? Sure, there might be a …

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