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crowdsourcing translation
Translation & Localization

Crowdsourcing Translation: Pro or Con?

An important advantage of the “connected world”, apart from the unlimited access to all kinds of information, is that it brought together previously “disconnected” people, …

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Global Translation Agency
Translation & Localization

What to expect from a global translation agency

…well, besides global translation that is Selecting your translation & localization strategy really depends on your company’s processes, goals and products, but partnering with a …

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Translation & Localization

Translation and Interpreting: differences and similarities

Two sides of the same coin Translation and interpreting can be viewed as two sides of the same coin since they are both considered language …

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translation tools
TechnologyTranslation & Localization

Are translation tools threatening translation?

The question of whether translation tools (and technology in general) threaten translation depends on many different factors, and, basically, on how people conceive their purpose. …

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Translation & Localization

Why bilinguals cannot replace professional translators

The common misconception When it comes to translation, there is this common misconception that people who speak a foreign language can translate any text of …

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