WordPress & WooCommerce Localization

WordPress Localization with the WPML plugin

Commit Global has partnered with the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) to offer smooth WordPress and WooCommerce integration to its clients.

WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites, it powers over 20% of the entire Internet, including 34.6% of the top 10 million websites, and it is the most popular website management system in use. WooCommerce is a flexible, open-source eCommerce solution built on WordPress.

WPML is a plugin used by 1 million sites, that extends the functionality of the basic WordPress CMS making it run multilingual.

Streamlining the translation process

Our partnership with WPML enables us to offer our clients a fully automated translation process for WordPress and WooCommerce websites. Our clients using WordPress do not need to go through the hustle of manually exporting their content in order to send it to us for translation and then importing it back when the process is over. Also, it is no longer necessary to provide our team access to the back-end of their website.

The WPML plugin offers a pre-set, already streamlined workflow for the clients and our project managers to follow, thus saving a lot of time on both ends. Also, the WPML team offers priority support to our clients, tackling any issues and answering any questions the soonest possible. 

Clients can choose the content they wish to translate and into which languages, add their files to the cart and then with the click of a button send the content to us for translation. The process of creating and updating multilingual website content has never been easier!


Want to know how much it will cost to translate your website?
  • Step 1: Go to WPML’s word count tool in WordPress, choose the pages that you want to translate and get the word count of your website.
  • Step 2: Contact us using the form at the end of this page and we’ll provide you with a detailed quote. 

WPML Translation in 6 Steps

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