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Our Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2023

Our Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2023
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As we wrap up 2023, let’s rewind and revisit our ten most popular blog posts from this year.

1. Will ChatGPT Impact the Translation Industry? 

We wanted to know more about ChatGPT and its potential impact on our industry, so we decided to ask the AI model itself. Here is our first interview with ChatGPT. 

2. 5 Ways to Increase Employee Retention Through Effective Training 

An effective training program can help employers increase retention by providing their employees opportunities to grow professionally and personally, while improving their skills and job performance. 

3. What Is Quality Assurance in Translation? – Quality Assessment as a Risk Management Tool in the Localization Industry 

What is Quality Assurance in translation? What are the steps, the benefits & the best practices of an efficient TQA process? How can translation Quality Assurance help a company? How can it become a risk management tool? 

4. What Is eDiscovery? 

In this article, we analyze what eDiscovery is, why it is so important and how its processes work. 

5. Advancing Healthcare Equity through Inclusive Language in Clinical Trials Translation 

Let’s discover the significance of inclusive language in clinical trials translation, highlighting its role in ensuring equitable healthcare access and outcomes. 

6. 8 Tips to Reduce the Cost of Your Global eLearning Program 

Global eLearning opens doors to diverse audiences, but managing expenses can be a real puzzle. Here are 8 practical strategies to help you trim the budget without sacrificing quality or impact in eLearning localization. 

7. Translation KPIs: How to Measure Your Localization Efforts 

Wondering if your translation and localization project paid off? Our practical guide will help you set and track translation KPIs. 

8. Embracing Inclusive Design: Creating Interfaces for Every Gender 

Our article dives into the power of inclusive design, shedding light on the revolutionary strides companies like Meta and Uber have taken to embrace all gender identities. 

9. Ensuring Compliance and Clarity: EU Clinical Trials Regulation and its Impact on Language Translations 

The European Union Clinical Trials Regulation (EU CTR) brings new requirements for documentation and transparency, with translations playing a crucial role in ensuring compliance and effective communication across linguistic boundaries. 

10. Signs You Need to Change Your Translation Agency 

Here are the six signs that indicate it may be time to change your translation agency. 

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