Linguistic Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance​

Quality cannot be guaranteed simply with quality assurance checks throughout the localization project lifecycle. It is a mindset and needs to be integrated in every business aspect of our activities and operations. Therefore, for Commit Global quality starts even at the recruitment stage, with the selection of appropriately qualified people and teams for each task and the provision of training opportunities, spreads over the entire localization project lifecycle with various QA linguistic and technical checks along the way, after each step, and is completed with the update and maintenance of clean language assets, the overall evaluation of project contributors and the evaluation of the outcome with the post-mortem reviews and quarterly business reviews with our clients.

Any industry. Any language. Any task. Quality is infused in each and every aspect of our everyday work. Our in-house project managers have linguistic background thus are better placed to identify areas of potential errors in any language even before translation. Through this proactive quality assurance, our customers have a more comprehensive idea of the scope of each project, minimize the query management process and in-country review time as vague points are identified and clarified right from the beginning, and receive on time a deliverable that is ready for use.

By the way, our way of work has been certified as per ISO 9001 for quality management system, ISO 17100 for translation agencies, ISO 13485 for medical devices and ISO 27001 for information security, and we pass our annual audits with flying colors, because we do go by the book when it comes to delivering flawless work.

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