Learning & Development
for Global Audiences

Making training and corporate content relevant and culturally appropriate for global audiences

Are you ready to train your global teams in their language?

Expanding your business to foreign markets and need to train your employees and clients? Commit can help you adapt your training and e-Learning material, making sure it is culturally appropriate for the target audience. 

Simple text, PowerPoint presentations or voice-over: whatever your training needs may be, our team of experienced linguists can help enhance the training effectiveness of your program and get the maximum out of your training investment.

Given the complexity of e-Learning and training projects, Commit uses only professional linguists, subtitlers and engineers to fully meet our client’s most challenging localization needs. Our resources are carefully selected, are native to the target language and have substantial experience in e-Learning localization. Also, if your project requires voice-over services, then we offer professional voice over talents/actors in more than 50 languages. We will find and suggest the most suitable voices to guarantee your video project will be a success and your audience engaged.

We can help you with:

  • e-Learning Courseware Localization
  • Rich Media Presentations
  • Subtitle Creation/Translation/Sync
  • Voice-Over
  • Art, Graphics and Animation localization
  • Linguistic Quality Assurance & Functional Testing

Other Industries