Our Industries

No matter what the content and your industry is, we cater for your language and communication needs



IT has been the core industry of specialty since Commit Global’s establishment. Our IT-SW Localization teams work on projects from Fortune 500 clients, helping them localize products, software applications and services from every possible IT sector, including cell phones, handhelds, computers, imaging & printing devices, networking & storage equipment, peripherals, etc


Life Sciences

When the safety of a patient depends on the understanding of directions and the correct operation of medical devices, translation requires precision and up-to-date technical knowledge. Whether you are localizing medical device documentation, translating patient data or preparing clinical research related materials, our Life Sciences Localization team produces high quality and accurate medical translations that ensure patients’ safety is not put at risk.



Expanding your business to foreign markets and need to train your new employees and clients? Commit Global can help you adapt your training and e-Learning material, making sure it is culturally appropriate for the target audience. Simple text, PowerPoint presentations or voice-over: whatever your training needs may be, our team of experienced linguists can help enhance the training effectiveness of your program and get the maximum out of your training investment.



Are you considering taking your first steps in the global market, in an attempt to reach international audiences with your products or services? We can help you with the localization of your website and all of your branded content, such as brochures, press releases, case studies, corporate presentations, newsletters and more, to help you increase conversions and customer engagement in foreign markets.



From technical specifications to application software and user guides to product brochures, Commit Global has helped numerous clients with the localization of their engineering and technical documentation and software. For the past two decades, we have been providing translation and localization services for industry leaders in the agricultural, automotive and engineering sector, and our clients rely on us for quick turnarounds and premium quality translations.



No other industry gives so much attention to detail than the legal industry. When it comes to translating contracts, patents and legal documents, precision and accuracy are of the utmost importance. Over the years, many organizations, companies and law firms have depended on Commit Global to deliver top quality legal translations and rest assured that their content was completely understood and correctly translated.

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