Technical Translation


Technical Translation​

From medical devices to HVAC installations and from farming equipment to solar cells and renewable energy systems, jargon seems an insurmountable obstacle for outsiders and vested knowledge for the insiders.

Terminology is the biggest challenge for linguists involved in technical translations. Our experienced linguists and subject matter experts will search and find the suitable terms to properly convey your content across all languages to reach your existing and new clients.

Because of the highly specialized nature of technical documents, we only use native professional translators with experience and background that matches your type of content to meet the strict linguistic requirements of your industry. Also, we take quality very seriously and besides holding the ISO certifications for quality management (ISO 9001), for translation agencies (ISO 17100) and for medical devices (ISO 13485), we implement processes in our every day work that allow us to comply to requirements, align operational needs and manage risk effectively.

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