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Revolutionizing Translation: Explore Our Innovative Technology

At Commit Global, we take pride in leveraging cutting-edge technology across the board of our operations. Our tech offering revolves around the pillars of seamless communication, system integrations, efficient workflows, and uncompromised quality. Explore how our solutions can elevate your localization strategy to new heights.

Customer Portal

  • Free, unlimited users
  • Quote/Project request submission
  • Secure file upload & download
  • Project info – current and legacy
  • File repository for current and past projects
  • Reporting
Customer portal
client review portal

Client Review Platform

Your local teams and brand representatives can now become subject matter experts who provide their knowledge and expertise to our translation teams by validating – upon customer desire – the localized copy within a user-friendly and intuitive platform.

  • Free, unlimited users
  • Direct changes on the translated copy
  • Change log for version management
  • Comment function
  • Access to glossaries and language assets for reference
  • In-context preview

Translation Management System

We use a state-of-the-art translation management system, which allows us to do the following:

  • Process more than 60 file formats ranging from document, design, image and authoring files to markup language, software strings and subtitle files.
  • Perform translation in an intuitive interface
  • Create, maintain and use language assets, such as translation memories (TMs) and terminology glossaries (TBs)
  • Perform in-depth QA checks
  • Apply and evaluate Machine Translation (MT)
client review portal
Our technology

Connectors & Integrations

At Commit Global we acknowledge the diversity of different set-ups and preferences when it comes to technology, and we offer off-the-shelf connectors to a multitude of different systems, which streamline translation & localization workflows while minimizing the manual effort and hence reducing costs and achieving faster times to market.

Besides our readily available integration options, we also consult with our clients to create custom solutions, API-based or other, that will accommodate their current or legacy infrastructure to streamline localization workflows and achieve greater efficiencies.

AI-Powered Language Solutions

  • > 100 languages
  • Increased productivity and shorter timelines
  • Multiple MT engines and periodically evaluated per domain
  • Automated selection of the best performing engine
  • Raw estimation of raw MT output for fair pricing
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