Website Localization


Website Localization

Your website is your window to the world and the door to your customers. Nowadays, no matter where you are, you can reach the whole world. Marketing and selling your products or services around the globe has never been easier, but the easier the logistics got, the harder it got to be relevant.

Did you know that the number of languages you need to reach a given share of the global market is constantly increasing? In 2017 companies needed to localize their website and products in 14 languages in order to reach 90% of the internet-accessible GDP, but they will need 17 by 2027.

Also, did you know that, according to an Economist survey, poor translations are considered one of the 4 factors that is most likely to cause the greatest misunderstanding in cross-border communication for organizations at a rate of 23%?

Localizing your website is a serious investment, no matter how big or small, and it should be treated like one. When tasked from our customers with building that door for their customers, we do our best to

  • seamlessly integrate with their systems, thus minimize potential technical errors
  • successfully convey their brand image without compromising their local presence
  • translate with SEO optimization in mind
  • perform linguistic and functional testing for a carefree go-live date
We make the connection between novelty and relevance. 
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