Language Asset Management


Language Asset Management​

Probably one of the largest parts of our work is the creation and organization of effective language assets and their consistent maintenance and update. The phrase ‘language assets’ is an umbrella term for translation memories, glossaries and term bases, style guides, account profiles and quality profiles.

While language asset management is a task that happens behind the curtains and rarely constitutes a deliverable for the client, it is probably the most essential component – besides the text itself – in the translation and localization process.

On a very brief note:

  • Translation memories (TMs) save translation buyers money as they leverage previously translated content
  • Term bases and glossaries (TBs) save customers time as they minimize the time for client-review and ensure consistency throughout the localized content
  • Style guides and account profiles extend consistency to company identity and brand image, thus saving you from broken and failed communication
  • Quality profiles warranty the compliance with all the above, thus providing an extra account-specific safety net and top-notch deliverables

At Commit Global we create, update and maintain all the above for our clients and we consider them as a prerequisite for us to deliver what we promise. Though, most of these tasks and assets do not incur additional charges for our clients, we do consider them our clients’ property and thus make them available to our clients in the respective industry-approved exchange format any time they ask.

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