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Localization Bootcamp 2021

Are you passionate about languages and living in Greece? Would you like to kickstart a new career in Localization Project Management in just 5 weeks?

If you answered ‘yes’ in both questions above, then this Localization Bootcamp powered by Commit Global is just what you need!

Seats are limited so if you match the profile, don’t wait another minute to apply!

Our candidates

If you have absolutely no idea what localization is and you have no professional experience, you can apply; it doesn’t matter what educational background you are coming from 🙂
If you do know about localization but had some gap years in your professional career and you want to get a taste of current Project Management methodologies & approaches, you can apply and get back on track 🙂

Attitude is everything: experimentation, persistence, flexibility, creativity, organization, constant learner will get you far

Some practical must-haves: ideally you should be a good user of Windows, Internet browser, Office apps (Word, Excel)) & a fluent speaker of English 

Bootcamp Information

Dates & Time

Part 1 – Localization & Project Management Basics

  • Week 1 (31 May – 5 June)
  • Week 2 (7-12 June)

6-8pm (GMT+3)

Part 2 – Putting Basics to Practice

  • Week 1 (14-18 June)
  • Week 2 (21-25 June)
  • Week 3 (28 June – 2 July)


Language: English

Mode: Fully Online & Remote

Number of Participants: 6 participants will start at Part 1, but only 3 participants will move to Part 2

Necessary equipment: PC

Cost: FREE

Localization bootcamp (5)

Apply now (Application Period is Now Closed)

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