Source-text CAT Optimization


Source-text CAT Optimization​

A well-written recipe is very likely to produce a tasty dish, but the outcome differs depending on the cook; a seasoned chef will most probably add his specialized insight to produce a unique dish, while a beginner is more likely to stick to the recipe and serve a good enough dish. Technical writing and content authoring can be a challenging task, and corporations may not always have the resources or budget to invest in a technical authoring platform.

Although technical documentation can be well-written, there are certain details that can increase savings in the translation phase. The use of a synonym word in the same sentence can lead to unnecessary costs as it will not be fully leveraged from the translation memory, while the same may hold true even with the omission of a period at the end of the sentence. The unit cost may seem negligible in absolute terms – a few cents – but if multiplied by millions of words, the spend is significant and could find better uses.

Our Project Managers are well-placed to evaluate your source content and suggest optimization processes even before the translation phase aiming at lowering the total translation costs while improving not only the localized but also the source content.

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