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My internship experience at Commit

Ioanna Syrou
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Hello, I am Ioanna Syrou and I had the privilege to attend a three-month internship program as an in-house translator at Commit Global. Everyone in the company was very welcoming and more than willing to help me improve my skills.

It has been a great opportunity for me to test out all the skills I developed during my translation studies and my 15-year career in the educational field. Furthermore, I was able to work on real-time translation projects, gaining hands-on experience in a professional environment.

During my internship at Commit I was fortunate enough to see what goes into a translation project, the general process of how to create, process and complete a project. Another valuable lesson I have learned during these 12 weeks, were the many different types of work a translator has to perform.

The office atmosphere was very friendly and supportive. Everyone made me feel confident and part of the team and I have received lots of constructive reviews. By observing and learning from the team, I managed to pick up tips, learned how to use various translation/localization tools and how to manage my time effectively, attended meetings and was able to work on projects on my own.

I want to thank the Commit team because I ended up learning a lot more than I thought during my internship. It was an educational, inspirational and stimulating experience.


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