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Commit Global Scores an NPS of 82 on Annual Customer Survey

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We are well into 2022 and it was time for our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The results are back and we are thrilled! We would like to thank you, our customers, who have taken the time to provide us with your feedback and help us improve.

Commit Global scored once again high in responsiveness, speed, attention to detail and thoroughness, and achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82!

According to Bain & Company the ultimate question that allows companies to measure their performance is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The concept behind the NPS is that a company’s customers can be divided in three categories: promoters, passives and detractors. Promoters are the ones that drive the real value as they stay longer, buy more, they refer business and they provide feedback and ideas.

Although, according to research, companies with high NPS grow faster than the rate of their competitors and NPS is a necessary condition for profitable organic growth, the NPS focuses mostly on the quality of a company’s relationships with its current customers.

Here are some comments we gathered from our clients during this year’s Customer Satisfaction Survey:

“Commit-Global is the best company I’ve had the pleasure of working with for global translation services over the past 25 years. Every other company is second rate by comparison. 10/10 rating.”

“We rely on Commit Global to provide high quality translation services in more than 10 languages in every region in the world. They are always deliver on time and on budget.”

“Thank you for being so helpful and pleasant any time I need to reach out. I love working with your company!”

“Great Professionalism and Communication.”

“I have been working with Commit Global for over 5 years now and they continue to impress. The customer service we have received has been nothing less than stellar.”

“Very good communication with team members, professional approach, high quality of service.”

“Commit Global has been an excellent translation services partner. Forthcoming, fast, proactive and going above and beyond to ensure accuracy, timeliness and client satisfaction.”

“I rely on Commit Global for my translation of clinical documents. They have always come through with flying colors. Always on time, and with a professional product.”

“The quality of Commit’s translation work and responsiveness to customer needs inspires confidence!”

At Commit Global we see the biggest value in collaboration, and we strive to cultivate such relationships with our customers. With the results of our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey at hand, we can proudly say that we have built valuable and strong relations with our customers, and we commit to sustaining and expanding them further!

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