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How to Choose an eLearning Localization Partner

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Localization is vital to thriving in today’s diverse business landscape and selecting the right localization partner is the first step in your growth journey.

Your elearning localization partner is key to unlocking the opportunities offered by a globalized workforce, but selecting the right company is not always an easy task. From the basics to the deal-breakers, here’s how to choose an eLearning localization partner to support your international expansion.

Here Are the Fundamental Questions to Ask Potential Localization Vendors:

  • Does the company have a trusted network of translators and editors in the countries you are targeting? Your localization partner must be equipped with the expertise and experience required to translate and localize for all required audiences. That way, you can streamline your workflow and ensure quality and consistency across finished products.
  • Can the company integrate localized content in your preferred eLearning publishing tool? Look for a localization vendor that can handle integrations. Why? Because it enables a fast and agile reviewing, editing, and updating workflow.
  • Does the company have the talent required to deliver high-quality voiceover? Voiceover is a core component of most eLearning courses, so prioritize this area of expertise. Discuss different types of recording capabilities, such as narration, dubbing, and lip-syncing.
  • Does the company leverage a network of native speakers to test content before its publication? Your localization vendor might be the best in the market, but mistakes will likely remain if they do not test their content on a fresh pair of eyes. Ensure your partner uses native-speaking testers to review content before it is unleashed into the world.
eLearning Localization Partner

Next Steps

If you are ready to capitalize on growth opportunities offered by a globalized workforce, localization is the key to unlocking your teams’ potential.

When it comes to eLearning, translation alone is not enough. Regional differences go far beyond language. Cultural nuances and expectations influence not just what is said but how it is said and understood.

Contact the friendly team at Commit Global today to take the next step in your business’s international growth journey. We are equipped to deliver industry-leading eLearning content tailored to global audiences.

eLearning Localization Partner

About Commit Global

Commit Global has been helping corporations around the world translate their products, services & brands in local languages making them culturally relevant for more than 20 years.

At Commit Global, we see the biggest value in collaboration, and we strive to cultivate such a relationship with our customers. Our communication is to the point. Our action is prompt and transparent. Our delivery is consistently reliable and high-standard. 

We consider our people being the key not only for our but also for our customers’ success, and that is how we perceive the value of corporate training and e-learning solutions.

With our ISO 9001, 17100, 27001 and 13485-certified processes, we apply strict QA procedures in all projects.

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