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The Benefits of Localization for Your Global Training Strategy

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Make localization a core pillar of your global training pipeline and reap the benefits today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

The benefits of localization are far-reaching – they touch your workers, organization, and ultimately, your customers. Here are four must-know benefits of localization in your global training strategy:

Benefit 1: Employees thrive when learning in their native language

Workers want to learn, with three in four saying they would take a course their manager recommends. What’s more, a staggering 94 percent of employees stay at companies longer when their employer participates in their learning.

Your workers want to contribute to your organization’s prosperity. They crave workplace satisfaction and personal achievement. You, too, want your workers to participate in your company’s growth, and, according to 71 percent of executives, employee engagement is critical to organizational success.

Employees that are productive and confident are engaged in their workplace, and comprehensive training is vital to bridging knowledge gaps and ensuring no worker gets left behind. But misunderstandings and miscommunication prevent employees who are not native English-speakers from learning best practices, performance metrics, and company philosophy as quickly or thoroughly as required.

Put simply, employees that learn in their native language grasp concepts accurately and fast, empowering them to put their best foot forward.

eLearning localization is key to unlocking the full potential of your global workforce. Without localizing your content, you risk miscommunicating core messaging and sabotaging your employees’ efforts.

Benefit 2: Localization delivers maximum ROI on learning initiatives

Clear, engaging, and relevant global training is vital to your business’s ongoing success. Well-trained employees deliver superior customer experiences that boost your bottom line.

When information is relevant and easily understood, learners are more likely to absorb and remember it. With better information recall, employees are equipped to utilize learned skills in real-life situations. What does that mean for your organization?

  • Increased worker productivity
  • More consistent brand messaging
  • Improved customer experience
  • Rapid response to errors or issues
  • Safer work environments
  • Boosted company reputation

Together, the above outcomes drive up your eLearning ROI.

Benefit 3: Localized eLearning materials enable optimal resource utilization

Catering to a globalized pool of learners requires time and effort. However, localization can minimize the amount of time and financial resources required to reach your organization’s desired learning outcomes – and here’s how:

  • Localizing existing content is more economical than creating brand-new content – especially for organizations expanding into several distinct locations across the globe.
  • Translated eLearning content is often rife with communication gaps and irrelevant references, both of which confuse learners who then reach out to company leaders for clarification. Localization gives your workers the best possible chance of understanding and retaining learning materials.

Benefit 4: Localization creates an even playing field for employees

Workplace equality matters and localization can help organizations uphold that value. eLearning localization allows companies to deliver the same learning experience to all employees, giving each individual the opportunity to improve their skills and reach their potential while boosting their Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

Without localization, companies risk unintentionally disadvantaging non-native English-speaking employees, who may have difficulty grasping key concepts using English or translated text. Localization evens the playing field and guarantees consistent training quality worldwide.

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The Benefits of Localization for Your Global Training Strategy

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