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Our top 10 most read articles of 2020

top 10 articles of 2020
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Now that 2020 has almost come to an end, we thought it would be a good idea to do a round-up of our most popular content from this year. So here it is:

1.How to prepare documents for translation – A client’s checklist

What you should take into account when preparing your documents for translation in order to ensure optimal results, and save on time and money.

2.Linguistic Validation Services in Life Sciences Localization

Cognitive debriefing, Backtranslation & Reconciliation & Readability testing. How familiar are you with these linguistic validation services?

3.Top 5 localization tools for an internal translation department

Here are the 5 top localization tools any internal localization department must have to boost production and lower its costs!

4.Our Journey Towards Remote Working

Our journey towards remote working, the lessons we learnt, the challenges we faced and a useful guide towards remote working

5.Localization strategy: a broader approach

New technologies make the achievement of a global presence much simpler but a powerful localization strategy is the key to success.

6.A glimpse into the subtitling endeavor

In this article we shall attempt to take a closer look at the work of the subtitles translator and reveal why the process of transferring any audiovisual work into a different (extra)linguistic reality proves to be highly intricate.

7.Banking translation: 3 points to consider!

Banking translation is one of the types of translation requiring specialization. Here are 3 points to consider when providing financial or banking translations.

8.Startups and International Growth: Statistics and Key Considerations

How translation and localization can help startups in their global expansion and international growth. Statistics and key considerations.

9.Best practices for subtitle translations

Professional subtitle translations are bound by certain standards and best practices which are be touched upon in this article!

10.Essentials for translation into Spanish-speaking markets

A guide for businesses looking to expand to Spanish-speaking markets & anyone who wants to know more about translation into Spanish & the differences between dialects.

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