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ELIA Focus for Execs 2019 – In review

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This was ELIA ND Focus for Execs 2019

While preparing for the event and packing our bags, we couldn’t but wonder what new knowledge awaits for us there. The speakers’ pre-event videos were nice teasers, though the Game of Thrones location had us at hello.

Location – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Absolutely breathtaking. Definitely one of the bucket-list places to visit!


Well, for those of you who are GoT fans, nothing like the series. We had a great time meeting old friends, making new acquaintances, and sharing experiences and lessons learnt.

The speakers, or as they prefer to be called, the Moderators

What we loved about Richard Brooks:

  • The British accent
  • The knowledge-packed workshop; this was practically an MBA in 2 days
  • The breadth of topics that touch upon customer acquisition and growth strategies, starting from motivating your team and going all the way to automating your marketing and sales approach

…but let us put a comment here for Richard: “well, too must homework, mate” 😊

What we loved about Tucker Johnson:

  • Sharing industry knowledge and personal experiences
  • Motivating discussions among the attendees – although the discussions were straying off-point most of the times 😊

Hope to see you all and more next year or even sooner than that!

And remember, “I drink and I know things” would not really work in the real world!




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