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Commit at ATD 2019

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This was ATD ICE 2019 through Commit’s eyes.

  • 10,000+ professionals
  • 400+  speakers in 300+ sessions
  • 400+ exhibitors

…and we were one of the 400+

Difficult to stand out, don’t you think? What about all the 10,000+ attendees then?

Yet, for us everyone did, and it was through meaningful discussions and initiating relationships.

We met and talked with people who invest their time and passion in training and developing other people – pretty important, don’t you think? – with people who come from all over the US, from Canada, Korea, Brazil, the UK, Belgium, Italy, Sicily, Japan, we met people who support their colleagues in very large corporations and others that make a difference in smaller ones, people who initiate and support programs for refugees, people in suits and people in jeans, we even met someone who is half Greek and has just recently found out!

It was a bustling event with a very interesting crowd! We were there because we support and serve, in our own capacity, people and organizations that support and serve other people and organizations that at the end of the chain support and serve us and organizations like ours.

So, as Oprah exceptionally put it, at the end of the day what matters and makes the difference is for each one of us to “be our truest self in service of others”.

So see you next year in Denver, Colorado, shall we?

In the meantime, we have gathered the tweets that engaged the ATD crowd the most for those of you that were not there to get an idea and for those of us that were there to remember the ATD moments that stood out!

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