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Translation Basics (Video Series)

Translation Basics
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Translation Basics is our new video series where we try to explain the basic ideas, terminology and jargon regarding translation and localization and try to answer some of the most common questions we are receiving regarding the translation process.

1.What is the difference between translation & localization?

2.What is a CAT tool?

3.What is a translation memory?

4.What is a termbase?

5.What is a translation wordcount?

6.What is the TM leverage?

7.What is a source and target language and what is a locale?

8.What is a native editable source document?

9.What ISO standards are applicable to a translation service provider?

10.What is Linguistic Sign-Off (LSO)?

11.What is post-editing?

12.What is voice-over?

13.What is language adaptation?

14.What is translation alignment?

15.What is machine translation?

16.What are synthetic or AI-generated voices?

17.ISO 13485 Translations for Medical Device Safety

18.What is transcreation?

19.What is linguistic validation?

20.What is back translation?

21.What is a style guide?

22.What is DTP?

We hope you enjoyed our “Translation Basics” videos and you found them helpful! If there are other terms you’d like explained, let us know and we’d be happy to update this list or even create a new one with your requests!

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