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Industry: Life Sciences

Life Sciences Translation Services Balancing the triangle of accuracy, confidentiality and timely delivery in Life Sciences & Healthcare Life Sciences Translations by Subject Matter Experts When the safety of a patient depends on the understanding of directions and the correct operation of medical devices, translation requires precision and up-to-date technical knowledge. Whether you are localizing …

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Industry: E-learning

e-Learning & Training Translationsfor Global Audiences Making training and corporate content relevant and culturally appropriate for global audiences Are you ready to train your global teams in their language? Expanding your business to foreign markets and need to train your employees and clients? Commit Global can help you adapt your training and e-Learning material, making …

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Services: Consulting

Consulting Find out how localization mature you are Consulting​ Leveraging our extensive experience in the language services market, we design and offer consulting services to organizations wanting to invest in a localization strategy that goes beyond the project-specific approach.  If you are exploring your options, we would be happy to help with: the design and …

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Services: Quality assurance

Linguistic Quality Assurance Want to learn more on our stance to quality? Quality Assurance​ Quality cannot be guaranteed simply with quality assurance checks throughout the localization project lifecycle. It is a mindset and needs to be integrated in every business aspect of our activities and operations. Therefore, for Commit Global quality starts even at the …

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Services: Language asset management

Language Asset Management Let’s create the foundations for a great localization strategy Language Asset Management​ Probably one of the largest parts of our work is the creation and organization of effective language assets and their consistent maintenance and update. The phrase ‘language assets’ is an umbrella term for translation memories, glossaries and term bases, style …

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Services: Transcription

Transcription Audio to text, anyone? Transcription How often is it that your marketing department produces a video but does not keep the script? When it comes to legal cases, have you ever used recorded audio to support your case? Or have you ever needed to transcribe your recording from a client meeting to pass the …

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