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How to Use Remote Interpreting Services on Zoom

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At this point, it would be redundant to say that Covid-19 has changed our lives significantly: the way we live, work and especially meet. Social distance had an enormous impact on perso

nal as well as working relationships. Nowadays, crowded meetings and conferences are not an option for most of us anymore. Corporate travel is limited and even risky. Therefore, companies are experiencing lack of communication with their teams and clients around the globe. At Commit Global, minimizing this communication gap has been our focus during this pandemic. Bearing in mind the new reality and to satisfy our clients’ needs, a new service was born: remote interpreting service on Zoom.

Remote interpreting allows your company to fade away social distance between employees and clients by encouraging accurate real time communication around the globe. To venture into this field of communication, Zoom developed a feature which allows us to deliver high-quality interpreting services into many languages at the same time. By harnessing this tool, we are able to provide further business services for this new post-Covid era.

How to add language interpreters to Zoom meetings

  1. Before setting up the meeting, the host needs to contact Zoom support to enable interpreting services.
  2. When setting up the meeting, the host must designate participants as interpreters, providing the corresponding language pair and interpreter’s contact information.
  3. When the meeting starts, interpreters will have their own audio channels for the language they are interpreting to. Attendees then select the audio channel to hear the translated audio into their language.

Special considerations

  • It is helpful to keep meetings short and to the point when using remote interpreting services on Zoom.
  • It is possible to create many channels to offer a wide variety of languages.
  • Book your resources in advance and provide reference material for a better understanding of the subject matter.

What can we do for you?

We can facilitate spoken language communication between speakers of different languages by providing high-quality linguistic services around the world.

Types of interpreting services:

There are various types of interpreting services offered, but the ones most commonly used in Zoom meetings and webinars are the following:

remote interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting: The speaker pauses every few minutes and the interpreter then renders his words into the target language. Consecutive interpreting extends the duration of the event but has the advantage of being more conversational in style, as both parties are able to speak uninterrupted. Generally used for meetings, presentations, training courses and in courtrooms.

Simultaneous Interpreting: The interpreter speaks while simultaneously listening to and understanding the next sentence. It is a real-time process, and the message rendition must take place within the time allowed by the speaker’s pace, without altering the natural flow of the speech. Generally used in large conferences, media launches, press releases and live TV broadcasts.

Will the world be the same once Covid is over? We believe remote interpreting services on Zoom have come to stay since many benefits can be obtained by using this service. Here are the most important ones:

  • Saving money: no more travelling allowances
  • Enhancing international bonds with employees and clients
  • Fast solution: for example there is no need to plan a training course for months. Just one or two weeks will be enough to organize an online training into several languages.

Ready to give it a try? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to arrange this service for you!

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