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Hello! If you have a particular request, you can fill in the form below or write us an email at What we basically need to know so that we can provide you with a quote that will respond to your needs are the following:

  • What service are you interested in? You can see an overview of our service portfolio here, and you can click on each one to learn more.
  • What languages are you interested in? If your service is language-dependent, please tell us what the source and target language(s) are.
  • What are the file formats or tools involved? If for example you are interested in website localization, what platform is your website on?
  • If you are interested in desktop publishing, what design tools or file formats do you have at hand?
  • What timeline are you looking at – if any?

And of course, any other information you might deem useful or necessary, i.e. volumes, topics, sectors etc.

We would be happy to hear from you and our team will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your request is under way. Any questions? Simply email:

And because your privacy comes first, we suggest you thoroughly read and become aware of the privacy terms and conditions found in our company’s Privacy Policy (including GDPR Compliance). 

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