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80+ language combinations, including FIGS, CCJK, Balkan, Baltic, EE, Nordic, Asian, Arabic, Hebrew and more.
Did you know?
To access 90% of internet-accessible GDP (eGDP) in 2017 you needed 14 languages,
but you will need 17 in 2027.
 Adapting digital assets & software applications to a specific locale or market via text translation and adaptation of culture-related elements.
Did you know?
If you aren’t delivering local language content for a market, you risk losing more than half of your potential buyers, as only 45% of buyers said they ‘always’ (13%) or ‘most of the time’ (32%) buy from English-language sites.
Adapting a creative message from one language to another intending to evoke the
same feelings and responses to the target audience as the original message would.
Did you know?
The American B2B digital advertising will continue to grow in 2019 by 18.7%
reaching $6.1 billion!
Providing culturally appropriate content for the target audience allows you to
enhance the training effectiveness of your program and get the maximum out of
your training investment.
Did you know?
Poor translations are considered one of the 4 factors that is most likely to cause the
greatest misunderstanding in cross-border communication for organizations at a
rate of 23%, while the biggest challenges are to handle the differences in cultural
traditions in different countries (51%) and the different norms of workplace behavior

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