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ATD 2020 unfortunately got cancelled 🙁

But this does not mean we can’t stay in touch 🙂

What a bummer! ATD 2020 got cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but it is for the better as we can all stay healthy and meet in high spirits and in person next year.

We will make the 2021 event one to definitely remember, but till then…. let’s stay in touch.

It all started when we could not help but contemplate on last year’s amazing event. We felt quite disappointed that we won’t be able to relive the experience in this year’s ATD conference and expo, to catch up with all of you, meet new interesting people, work on exciting business opportunities, and share our translation and localization know-how with the e-learning and talent development industry. So we created this page to share some of our news and try to stay in touch with you!

We understand you may be shy after all this time, so we’ll be the ones to start!
Here’s a glimpse into what 2019 ATD meant for us… numbers

is the number of new and interesting people we met
is the number of the new collaborations we made
is the number of words we translated for our new ATD partners a case study

A Localization Process Optimization Endeavor: the Schoox way

We met Schoox at ATD 2019 and we immediately hit it off!

Schoox, is an innovative Talent Development Platform that has developed a cloud based solution for employee learning and business growth. The solution was built around the goals of scalability, intuitive use, portability, easy deployment and integrations, and has already been adopted by numerous corporations with global presence. When we first met, Schoox was looking to update their web and mobile applications into 17 languages and contemplating on adding new languages and locales. Read the complete case study here and find out how we helped transform and streamline their software localization pics

It might be pretty standard for us, but it might not be in your radar, so we thought, we’d include it here too 🙂

What we do

Let's keep in touch until ATD 2021!

Tell us what you’ve been up to and what your plans for the future are; we’d love to be part of them

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