Gaming translation & localization

Maximize your game’s global market reach with expert game translations in multiple languages

Expertise in gaming translation & localization

We provide comprehensive services for the localization of your game in a number of platforms whether mobile, online or console-based. We translate game scripts, localize the UI of the game, the manuals, graphic art, packaging, website, we provide subtitling and voice-over services as well as a comprehensive linguistic and functional testing to ensure that your content is ready for the market.

We only use native and professional translators to ensure proper cultural adaptation of your content. Our linguists combine years of localization experience with a passion for playing video games. Rest assured, localization is not a «game» for us! When you send Commit your video game for translation, you are assigned to a dedicated expert project management team that will be with you at every step of the process to support your large, complex and short-deadline gaming localization projects into more than 80 languages.

We can help you with:

  • Game localization project management
  • User interface localization
  • User manuals and print material
  • Website localization
  • Game script localization
  • Graphic art localization
  • Linguistic & functional testing
  • Subtitling & Voice-Over 

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