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Software localization
Translation & Localization

10+1 best practices on software localization

Many companies seek to localize their online, desktop or client-server products for the worldwide market. But due to lack of appropriate preparation and planning, many …

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Translation & Localization

Differences between video dubbing and subtitling + List of preferred method per country

 Adapting multimedia content for another country is a complex procedure that involves a lot more than simply translating the language. One of the most important …

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Translation & Localization

Pharmaceutical companies, CROs and translation agencies: a localization strategy that includes them all

The global pharmaceutical industry has marked impressive growth over the past couple of decades, with the total revenues worldwide breaking the threshold of 1 trillion …

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Professional translation
Translation & Localization

Let’s talk about professional translation; content types, quality profiles and translation approaches

A mapping of different quality levels to content types according to their visibility and risk classification Translation quality has long triggered fervent discussions on the …

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Company news

My internship experience at Commit

Hello, I am Ioanna Syrou and I had the privilege to attend a three-month internship program as an in-house translator at Commit Global. Everyone in …

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