Yannis Nistas

Yannis Nistas is currently a Linguist at Commit, specialized in the fields of IT/Marketing/Software. He spends most of his workday operating his very own translation black box, feeding it with source texts and client requirements on the input side, briefly pushing the T-for-Translation button, then sitting back and relaxing until meaningful translations appear on the output side (...or something like this). When not operating his black box, Yannis may run QA checks, review translations produced by other black boxes, lend a helping hand with Life Sciences projects, or offer backup project management assistance. In his free time, Yannis works out and hits the treadmill at the gym.


How important is localization?

Have you ever thought about the importance of localization and language services? How translation and interpreting shape the world we live in as well as our everyday lives? The size of the translation and localization industry According to Common Sense Advisory, in 2015 the global language services industry turnover totaled 40 billion USD–with Europe accounting …

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An Introduction to Translation Quality Assurance

Do you know anyone working in the production and services sector who has not ever heard of Quality Assurance (QA)? Sure, there might be a few, but nowadays QA has become ubiquitous in most economic activities. All organizations that take their mission seriously and respect their clients follow industry standards to ensure that a certain …

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Language: the Key to Entering the European Market

Language has always played a pivotal role in our societies and lives. It is a means of communication; of understanding the world we live in; of giving a name and meaning to new concepts; of defending oneself in courts; of closing deals, however small or big; of hurting people or saying “I love you” to …

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Translation Studies vs. Translation Agency Workspace: Two Different Worlds of Translation

Have you ever wondered what are the differences between studying translation and working at a translation agency? Like most professions, learning a science/art/trade is worlds apart from actually practicing it in real life and having to deal with actual clients. We will lay out the primary differences by focusing on three main aspects: communication, accountability …

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