Tasos Tzounis

Tasos Tzounis is a Project Manager at Commit, working on IT, SW and Marketing projects. After studying French language and literature and completing his master's in translation at ITIRI, he had the chance to work as a translator for a few years. This experience along with his growing love for languages were the cause for trying the challenge of Project Management. He enjoys travelling, participating in voluntary organizations and learning every aspect of the localization industry.


How accurate is Google Translate?

We all had texts that needed translation at some point in our lives. In those cases, certain questions have arisen: How much will my translation cost? Can I use Google Translate instead of a professional translator to save money? Will the translation from Google Translate be accurate? While searching for the best solution, there are …

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Translation memory: blessing in disguise?

First things first! It would be wise to clarify right from the start that when we are talking about a translation memory (commonly known as TM), we are not talking about machine translation. Quite the contrary! The translation memory is “man-made” and very much in the spotlight of the translators’ community. A TM is also …

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