Marina Theodorou

Marina is currently a linguist at the IT team, having started at Commit Global as a trainee translator. Her work entails taking care of everyday projects both from a linguistic and from a project management perspective. She finds herself attracted to translational experiments and dead ends, while remaining incurably prone to interpretive attempts of all kinds.

What is transcreation?

What is Transcreation and why do you need it?

  Ever since the beginning of the 21st century, the constant expansion of new brands and campaigns has led into a focus shift within the localization industry, since emerging issues need to be addressed and pressing requirements need to be met. The concept of transcreation comes to the forefront, as creative translation initiatives are placed …

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subtitles translator

A glimpse into the subtitling endeavor

Even though the practice of subtitling has been largely used in all non-dubbing countries, such as Greece, Portugal and Romania, ever since the appearance of the ‘talkies’ (i.e. the first films accompanied by sound) in the 1920s, there has been a significant imbalance between the practical and the theoretical framework of the field. In fact, …

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