Day: May 4, 2019


How accurate is Google Translate?

We all had texts that needed translation at some point in our lives. In those cases, certain questions have arisen: How much will my translation cost? Can I use Google Translate instead of a professional translator to save money? Will the translation from Google Translate be accurate? While searching for the best solution, there are …

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Global market

10 tips on global business expansion

Are you considering taking your first steps in the global market, in an attempt to reach international audiences with your products or services? With the use of social media and the Internet, the world has become a much smaller place. Our society is universally connected and many people around the world can now access your …

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eLearning localization

8 tips for eLearning localization

According to a recent report, the corporate eLearning (or eTraining) market is constantly growing and it seems that this tendency will continue in the coming years. This comes as no surprise given that the business world is already lead by new-generation employees who are more independent and like to do everything in their own way, …

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How important is localization?

Have you ever thought about the importance of localization and language services? How translation and interpreting shape the world we live in as well as our everyday lives? The size of the translation and localization industry According to Common Sense Advisory, in 2015 the global language services industry turnover totaled 40 billion USD–with Europe accounting …

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